About Peter Eddy

Why I want to be your representative on Ballarat City Council for North Ward.

I want to be your Independent North Ward representative on Council, to offer my experience and to balance the move towards personality and party politics. I want to restore community confidence in our Council. 

The way that Council operates is critical to the future of our city.  Council sets our strategic direction, and it maps out what sort of community we want to be.  It makes sure that our priorities are heard in Melbourne and in Canberra, and that we get the investment that we need to get the job done.

I want Council to provide strong and effective leadership for our community – making sure that we all have input to the plan, that we understand what the plan is, and then making sure that the plan gets delivered.

Unfortunately, this is simply not happening in any meaningful way under the current Council. Something has gone badly wrong - infighting, uncertainty and lost opportunities seem to dominate the headlines at present and seem to have been a higher priority than progressing key projects and focusing on getting the job done.

We must return to certainty.   We must return to predictability.  And we must return to trust. The COVID situation demands this of us, and we must not allow the current situation to hold us back as we seek to restart our local economy. We need a clear plan for economic and social recovery, and we need to develop this plan working closely with business, our communities, and our stakeholders.
My goal in nominating for Council is to build a strong relationship with all members of Council and, by working collaboratively with each of them, to contribute my life experience and learnings towards a team that best represents the City’s interests.

Over the years I have learnt much about the need for our community to grow and evolve and I feel that I could contribute my experienced leadership skills across a broad range of community matters.   
Working across the commercial, not for profit and public sectors, I have shown the ability to network and build significant professional relationships across a diverse range of organisations. 
I have proven governance, business and networking skills, helping secure $41.67M in Government funding for major community projects across Ballarat in recent years.

About Peter Eddy 

Married, I live in Ballarat North with my wife Maxine and I have an adult daughter. 

I believe in public service, in the concept of serving your community, and aiming to give more people access to the sorts of opportunities that previous generations have had access to.

Professionally I have worked in the Australian Public Service then as Licensee of the Golf House Hotel in Ballarat North before moving into Sports and Facility Management.    

For the last 30 years I have had the privilege of being the CEO of Basketball Ballarat. The Association is one of the largest of its type in regional Victoria, and I have been proud of the countless positive impacts the Association has had on the Ballarat community.

My most recent role has seen me manage the Ballarat Sports Events Centre and the Minerdome a diverse business with a $5.8 Million turnover with a staff of 55 and working with a network of more than 1,000 volunteers. 

I am stepping down from that role, and I now want to offer my experience to serving the Ballarat community more broadly.  I want to offer my leadership experience – all the lessons learnt in running a large community-based Association – to the people of Ballarat.  

I have been a community volunteer my whole life starting as a teenager in sports coaching and administration. I have also been involved on several local and state community Not for Profit Community Board’s over the past 30 years.

I am passionate, motivated, hard-working and have strong management skills. I want to offer my leadership experience to serving the North Ward and the City of Ballarat. I love Ballarat, our location, our outstanding services, as well as affordable housing and liveability which we must protect as we grow and evolve.

I have a strong appreciation and respect for the separation of roles and responsibilities between staff and Boards and firmly believe that Board Directors must be both strategic in their thinking and focused on the governance, leadership and planning of the organisations that they serve. I believe that this applies equally to Council. 

My Core Values

Proven Leadership Experience
Independent Local Voice for the whole Ward and City
Strong Governance with Integrity and Transparency  
Growing a Sustainable, Liveable and Inclusive Community
Focused on COVID Recovery and Restarting our economy to create Jobs
Respecting our history and our heritage

My key priorities should I be elected to Council include:

An end to Chaos – I will stand for certainty in all Council processes – How we will make decisions, how we will ensure that all members of the community get a fair hearing, and most importantly making sure that whatever we decide, we follow through on.

Getting a fair go for our outlying communities – making sure that our smaller townships are not forgotten and making sure that the North Ward is part of our positive future as Ballarat grows.  Focussing on service delivery as well projects that benefit us all.

Promoting our history and our heritage while also supporting well planned sustainable growth as a liveable city.

In terms of major projects, I would like to see completion of the much hyped Ballarat West Employment Zone, completion of the southern part of the Western Link Rd, and completion of the Ballarat Major Events precinct, including a long-term plan to make this a premier sports, events and community hub for Ballarat and regional Victoria. All those projects are targeted at improving the liveability and employment opportunities for our local families.

I would value your vote as I seek to become your Independent North Ward councillor. If you have any issues that matter to you, email me at peter@petereddy.com.au

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If you have any issues that matter to you that you would like to discuss, email me at peter@petereddy.com.au