Ballarat Council Election: North Ward Form Guide


1. What are the three most urgent issues you want to address in council to ensure Ballarat can meet future challenges?

Peter Eddy: Appointing the best available CEO in Australia to lead the council for the next five years, developing a plan to reboot our local economy post COVID, reviewing the current council budget to ensure we prioritise items to boost the economy and support jobs retention and growth.

2. What would you change about the current council performance?

Peter Eddy: We need a council which will be able to restore community confidence, one which is above personality or party politics, which will provide strong and effective leadership for our community. It also needs to ensure community input and understanding of the development of planning - and then gets that plan delivered.

3. What specific area(s) would you cut council expenditure and where would you increase expenditure?

Peter Eddy: I would reduce expenditure on consultancies immediately. I would also review how many of these consultancies could be done by qualified council employees instead. I would seek to maximise the amount the council is spending on supporting our local businesses to restart once COVID has passed.


4. What is the largest organisation or project you have overseen or managed and its budget?

Peter Eddy: In my professional career (CEO, Ballarat Basketball) I managed a business with an annual turnover of $5.8M, 55 staff and over 1,000 volunteers.

5. What do you count as your most significant achievement?

Peter Eddy: Working with government, council, and the community to develop the Ballarat Sports Events Centre and to support other precinct projects at Mars Stadium and the CE Brown Reserve along with being the lead advocate for the $24 million in funding needed for the BSEC project.

6. What do you feel you would bring to council personally?

Peter Eddy: The ability to build a strong relationship with all members of council and to contribute my life experience and learning to best represent the city. My experienced leadership skills across a broad range of community matters. I can network and build significant professional relationships across a diverse range of organisations.


7. How many hours per week can you guarantee to the role of councillor?

Peter Eddy: I have deliberately chosen to nominate for council at a time in my life when this will be my focus for the next four years. I will be able to contribute whatever hours are necessary to be an effective, contributing councillor.


8. Are you or have you ever been a member of any political party or advocacy group and what kind of support are you getting in your campaign?

Peter Eddy: I have never been a member of any political party and I value my independent status. I was in the past a member of the Committee for Ballarat and Ballarat Regional Tourism. I have a committed team of family and friends supporting my campaign.


9. What community organisations do you currently belong to?

Peter Eddy: I am a committee member of the Ballarat Events Reference Group, St Columba's Finance Committee and a local community charity trust fund.

10. What do you like to do outside of work?

Peter Eddy: Apart from my voluntary committee engagements, my wife and I enjoy walking, theatre and music events and most sports events.

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